viernes, 20 de abril de 2007


I like blog of zuly because shakira speaks of the singer that to my to me their songs enchant and mainly garn heart ue she has


I like the blogspot and the juan because dream house I has the beach .
my dream house I want also it wanted that it was near a beach to enjoy all the afternoons.

jueves, 12 de abril de 2007



Maria:hello like these
Diego:hello well and your
Maria:well thanks.Where these
Diego:in the university
Maria:to that these hours free.
Maria:he is for invitarte to have lunch in my vaquita
Diego:ok to that hour
Maria:to 12 of mediodia
Diego:ok will look for you your house to that hour.
Maria: well bye
Diego:bye bye


Olga Tañón by the women

The Puerto Rican Olga Tañón has become the standard and official voice of several women who have been victims of the violence and the domestic abuse. Olga promotes this cause in company with the Red Cross of Puerto Rico, and in addition she is spokeswoman of the Solicitor of the Women of Puerto Rico, of the Home Ruth, New Woman and several shelters more than also provide information and investigation.Equally she provides shelter, council, legal support, intercesoría, and support to the cuts to battered women and their daughters and children.


That I made the week last.

Monday I had to attend classes.
Tuesday I went to classes and soon I had lunch with friends.
Wednesday I was all the day sharing with my children.
Thursday I left with friends to eat ice cream.
Friday cleans my house, washes the clothes, cooks for my family and I took care of my children.
Saturday my husband and I took to our children to take a walk to the Mall.
Sunday we were all the day in the swimming pool. We ate and we happened pleasant a little while.


Theater work

First sceneAlejandra (friend):hello that happens to you

Zuly(paciente):hello I feel very badly.

Alejandra:becauseThat he happens to you

Zuly:I have a toothache

Alejandra: mmm…because you do not go to the doctor

Zuly:good at the moment I go in way to the hospital.

Alejandra:well I can acompañarte.

Zuly: it's a good idea.Because I can't speak well.

Second scene

Wrilyin(recepcionista):good morning.That it happens to him to her

Alejandra:good morning.It has a pain teeth

Wrilyin: mmm…OK I am going to call to the doctor

Third scene

Wrilyin:doctor has a patient hoping.

Dayanis (doctor):OK please dígale that hopes a little while

Wrilyin:if doctor is no problem.

Fourth scene

Wrilyin:the occupied doctor at the moment this.Please he could wait for sitting here.

Fifth scene

Dayanis:OK zuly that happens to you

Zuly:Doctor I have a strong toothache

Dayanis:good let's take to look AT you..I a.m. going to give some pills, take one before of food and returns the next week for extract the tooth

Zuly:OK doctor thanks we see the next week.


24 of December.

In this date I travel towards Valera to visit my breast.
This DAY we are all in family we had supper, we make interchanges of gift, are fireworks. It is accustomed that the children receive gifts with the illusion of the arrival of santa claus. Soon the 25 visit friends to us and relatives we shared together and we made a lunch, soon at night we left to have supper to outside.